Website Marketing

Making sure your target audience finds you first, and ignores your competitors.

Are your marketing strategies failing to bring in enough new customers?

There are many people looking online for a business like yours that offer similar products and services.

The question is, are they finding you, or are they finding your competitors?

The second and equally important question is, once these target audiences have reached your website, can you inform, engage, and ultimately convert these visitors into customers?

What these questions imply is that your website must not only appeal too and is optimized for traffic sources like search engines, but the visitors they send you as well.

Answering yes to both questions doesn’t mean the work is done. Marketing is an ongoing endeavor as your target audience, industry, and competitors evolve. There is always room for improvement.

If you like to find more new customers and see your business grow, reach out and get help from our SEO and digital marketing experts.

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Path to Success

How to Grow your Website Traffic & Increase Conversions

You need to target the right audience and convert them with a marketing strategy that shows you understand their problem and know how to fix it.

  • Website Audit, Research, & Analysis

    Every business is unique so a copy-and-paste approach to marketing doesn't work. That's why a Website Audit is needed to determine what marketing strategies are currently being employed and how they can be improved. Research is required on the industry and competitors along with who the target audience is and how they find services like yours. An analysis then happens to select which strategies would best meet the goals of the business. After, a road map would be defined laying out how it all would be implemented.

  • Build out the Marketing Strategy

    We now have determined the most effective ways to improve your website traffic and conversion rate. Depending on what strategies were chosen to be implemented, a team of specialists including experienced designers, developers, and copywriters may be needed to help implement the solutions. Further research would also commence to fine tune the strategies which involves diving deep into the keywords and phrases your ideal customer uses for searching.

  • Implementation & Monitoring

    Most marketing strategies are implemented in phases over time. One of the benefits to this approach is it allows us to monitor and fine tune the campaign as we go. Search engines also don't update their organic rankings over night. It can take anywhere from 3 to over 6 months to start to see the effect of a marketing strategy. Most strategies do require an on-going investment as search engines prefer websites that receives updates on a regular basis. It shows that the website is actively being maintained which usually gets rewarded with a ranking boost.



Website Marketing

Depending on the scope and initial discovery, a marketing project will include a number of these research topics and strategies.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Website Marketing

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  • What is SEO and does a website require it?

    In simple terms Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of improving your website with the goal to increase its visibility in search engines thereby increasing the number of visitors to your website. The higher you rank on a search engine (like Google) for search phrases and keywords the more traffic you will receive.

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not require for a website to function and be accessible but it is highly recommended that a strategy is put into place when you are designing and developing a website and creating content. SEO can also extend beyond your website and can include other things like your Social Media presence and websites linking to your website.

  • How important is the content for my website?

    For marketing your website, quality content is one of the most important parts. It doesn’t matter if it is text copy, images, or videos. You need clear, relevant and keyword rich content that is on message.

    Search engines serve only relevant web pages to answer their user’s questions. So, it is important to deliver quality content that is not only designed for your target audience and engages them to take action, but is designed to rank in search engines as well.

  • What is Schema and Structured Data?

    Structured data is content that adheres to a pre-defined data model from Following these standards makes it easier for search engines to understand and rank your websites content.

  • What is backlinks and link building?

    Backlinks refer to links from other websites that point to a page on your website. These links are a primary way that search engines use to evaluate/signal how important not only your website as a whole is, but individual pages. Plus, the more important and relevant the website is that is linking to you, the better ranking signals you will receive.

    Link Building is a SEO method of getting other websites to link to your website. There are proper/sanctioned ways to do this (called White Hat) and incorrect/underhanded ways (called Black Hat). The best approach which requires no direct work on your part is offering quality content on your site. The reason for this is when someone who is writing an article or web page related to your material may view you as an expert In the field and quote your content in theirs and add a linkback for reference.

  • Can Social Media be used for SEO?

    Social media services like Facebook are great ways to reach a lot of people to create brand awareness, promoting your products and services, and local engagement. Most of this really falls under online marketing.

    In terms of SEO, creating a business presence on social media for example by opening a Twitter account or setting up a Facebook Business Page is an indication to search engines that you have a thriving business. This may help boost your website rankings. You can also use social media to post about your website content and include links to it. If other users that follow your business share this content in their feeds, you will have not only created more brand awareness but more links back to your content. This is another signal to search engines that your website deserves to rank higher.

  • Is SEO and SEM the same?

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are sometimes used interchangeably but in most cases SEO refers to the free organic search results only while SEM refers to paid search engine listings and advertising.

  • Is SEO or Paid Ads (PPC) better for marketing a website?

    Both are different. The best one depends on the effectiveness of the current websites SEO, goals of the website, and your target market and audiences.

    PPC does depend in part on SEO and content strategies. If these are not in place to help convert visitors once they are on your website, then paying to bring traffic to your website is a waste of money.

    In general SEO takes time but provides long-term steady results for strong organic rankings and traffic. With PPC you will start seeing traffic instantly which can quickly be refined and optimized to attract your ideal customer.

  • How long will the search engine rankings take to improve?

    In general, we can see movement within a month, but this will depend on the difficulty of your SEO campaign and keywords being targeted. It often can take between three to six months for the more competitive keyword rankings to increase, especially as you approach the first page of the search results.

    For established sites with a good online reputation, the SEO changes made will have an almost immediate impact. This does depend on the competitiveness of the keyword, and if you already rank for it, and how well.

    If you have a newer site without an online track record, results will take more time.

    Remember, SEO does work and is a powerful strategy that generates significant impact given careful setup and some time.

  • Why does SEO take time before you see ranking benefits?

    This depends on many factors.

    • How competitive in general is the online market the website is in.
    • How long the business has been online compared to the websites it is competing with.
    • How competitive the keywords chosen to be targeted are.
    • How optimized for search engines is the website already.
    • The quality of the backlink catalogue of the competing websites.
    • The quality of the content and SEO optimizations of the website compared to your competitors.
    • How many and how quickly are the SEO strategies are being implemented.
    • The location of the websites business.
    • The area of service. The larger the area the longer it can take to rank for the whole thing.

    You must also consider the fact that some marketing strategies are weighted more by search engines than others when it comes to rankings. For example, a quality backlink from a trusted website can be very hard to get, but if you get a backlink from a website like CNN, then your website rankings will increase much quicker than other strategies. Getting links from less popular websites will still usually increase rankings quicker but more of these type of links will be needed.

  • How do we communicate during the project?

    Most communication is done with email and over the phone.

    When reviewing milestone deliverables, video calls via Google Meet with screen sharing may also be used along with our Onsite Feedback Tool.

    If the client is close to our location and if it is a complicated project, face to face meetings can also be helpful. This is especially true during the discovery and design phases where discussions, feedback and decisions need to happen in a timely matter.

  • How often will I receive campaign updates?

    Each month we will send you a detailed report on your marketing campaign. This includes information about what was accomplished along with any related Anaylitics.