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In most steps in our project process, we require clients to review our work and give feedback. This is called a Revision Round (or Round of Revisions). Using our Feedback Tool is the best way to do this as it allows you (the client) to leave comments right on the document or website (just like placing virtual sticky notes) in whatever spot on the screen it makes sense for the comment to be placed.

When should you give feedback?

We notify clients by email when a process step is almost finished and a revisions round is about to start. We will include instructions of what type of feedback we are looking for, on what, and how many rounds of revisions you have for the step.

The feedback required usually includes you creating a list of tasks (by creating comments) for items you want changed that was updated during the current step. The list of tasks (or comments if you have questions) should only be about the work done in the current process step. Work from previous process steps has already been approved by you and cannot change unless you want to open a change request.

You must complete your list of tasks before we will actually start to work on them. We will reply to comments and tasks while you are making a list if something needs to be clarified or discussed further.

Most projects include only 1 list of tasks (revisions) per process step.

How to add a comment and leave feedback

When asked for feedback and you have found something you want to discuss or change on the page, all you need to do is click on the “+ Comment” button on the toolbar. This will change your mouse cursor to a crosshair and allow you to pick the location of the comment. For example, if you do not like the style of a headline, you can click on the actual headline and a circle indicator with the comment number will appear on that location along with a comment window for you to type in your feedback. Once you have typed in your feedback you can click the “Add Comment” button to save it. Comments can also include file attachments. You will notice other options on the comment window like assigning or subscribing other users, but in most cases, this is nothing you need to worry about.

A screenshot of the Feedback Tool Comments form.
Feedback Tool with open Comments Form

What happens after you leave a comment?

When you leave a comment, we will get notified by email. Once we have reviewed your feedback we will reply to your comment, and you will get notified as well. Email notifications include a link to the comment which when clicked will take you to the correct webpage or document and display the latest comment. If the comment has replies, those will be listed underneath in a vertical timeline.

The task has been completed, now what?

Once the task described in the comment has been finished, it can be marked resolved. A resolved comment will turn green and will not be visible with the other unresolved comments unless you change the filters. Please only resolve a comment once you are satisfied that we have either answered your question or have completed the task.

How to use the Toolbar

If the comment toolbar is in the way of you viewing a section on the webpage you can either scroll the page up or down in the browser (as the toolbar will stay in the same location on the screen) or you can move the toolbar to a different location by clicking and holding the icon of 3 vertical lines found on the left side of the toolbar and moving your mouse. The toolbar can also be minimized by clicking the “<” arrow icon found on the left side as well.

A screenshot of the Feedback Tool Comments toolbar.
Feedback Toolbar

The toolbar has 4 other icon buttons on it. They include buttons for:

  • Comments (speech bubble with number)
  • Pages (4 small squares),
  • Activity (a heartbeat signal)
  • Hide Comments (an eye)

Clicking one of the first 3 listed will slide open a section on the left side of the page.

A screenshot of the Feedback Tool Comments Section.
Feedback Toll with open Comments Form and slide out Comments Section

Clicking the Comments icon will show you a list of discussions for the page you are currently on. Clicking on any discussion will scroll you to that location of the page and open the discussion.

Clicking the Pages icon lists all the pages that have unresolved comments on them. Clicking on one of the pages listed will then take you to that page.

Clicking on the Activity icon will show you a vertical timeline of all comments with the newest ones first. You can filter these comments by page or include all pages. Clicking on any comment in the activity timeline will take you to the webpage and comment location.

Clicking on the Hide Comments icon will hide all location indicators of comments on the page. You can then click on the same icon again to show all the indicators.

Once you open the side section you can easily switch between Comments, Pages, and the Activity timeline. All 3 sections can also be filtered by different attributes including pages, assignees, and if the comment is resolved.

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