A person typing on a laptop getting started on a new project for their business.

Getting Started

Not sure Where to Start... This is What you Need to Do

Thanks for checking out eSilverStrike Consulting for your business website needs. We are a digital agency for small businesses and organizations that offers an all-in-one shop for designing, developing, managing, and marketing websites. To find out more about who we are, take a peek at our About Us page.

If you realize you need some help with your business’s online presence and you’re not sure where to start, well this is the right spot to be.

To help you, we have listed below the steps you should follow to not only become an informed buyer, but to figure out if eSilverStrike Consulting would be a good fit for your project, your business, and its goals.

Step 1

Become an Informed Buyer

A successful website that grows your business requires an investment of time and money. Knowing what questions to ask will reduce the chance of risk to this investment and help you not only define your website project better but also pick the right website designer and developer. We created our Website Buyer’s Guide to help you accomplish this goal.

If you have more general questions about designing and building websites, updating an existing website, management/maintenance, and marketing our Learning Academy is a good place to check out. The Learning Academy is split into categories which includes a Starter Course of articles geared towards people new to website ownership. Other courses include those for Design, Development, Management, and Marketing.

Step 2

Review our Services

  • Design & Development

    Create a new website built from the ground up. Get a redesign for an existing website or have other improvements done or issues fixed.

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  • Management & Maintenance

    Tailored plans that frees you from hosting, managing, and maintaining your website.

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  • Online Marketing

    Improve your site rankings in the search results which will increase the quality of traffic and expand your online presence.

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Step 3

Inquire Online

Fill out the required Inquiry form for the service you want. The details you provide here will help us prep for the consultation phone call by allowing us to do some exploratory research and preliminary audits. Once the inquiry is filled out, we will send you an email within 2 business days to schedule the meeting.

Step 4

Consultation & Assess

After our email reply, if you still wish to proceed you can let us know what time works for you. The consultation phone call is the initial project discovery and strategy session that will last about 30 minutes. During the meeting we will discuss your project scope and the goals you have in mind. We will review our process and give you an intital estimated price range for your project based on previous work we have done.

During the session you can ask any other questions you may have about us and how we work.

At the end of the call if we both feel this project is a good fit, there is further homework.

For example, with a Design Inquiry you may have to fill out some questionnaires so we can gather additional information about your brand and business. At this time, we well be doing a more in-depth audit on your existing website (if you have one) along with additional research on your target audience, competitors, and other related topics. Once everything is complete, we will review and assess all the information, and write the Website Proposal (which may take up to 5 business days).

With a Manage Inquiry we will need to do an in-depth audit of your website to determine what is needed to get your website up to date and migrated into our workflow. After this audit we can then write a Management Service Proposal for you.

A Market Inquiry will need an in-depth website audit to determine what can and should be done. An audit of the businesses online presence will also be completed which will include search engine rankings, and any social media accounts. Preliminary research on the industry and target audience will be started. Further conversations will also be required to fine tune the scope of the project and to determine if ongoing work will be needed. Once your needs have been finalized a Marketing Proposal will be written.

Step 5


Once you receive our Proposal, you will need to site down and review all the information we provide.

For Web Design, our Proposal includes the solution, scope of work, estimated timeline, and quote.

A Management Proposal includes the service plan details and subscription cost, along with a statement of work for the setup required and fee.

A Marketing Proposal will include the scope of work, estimated time to complete, and a quote. If ongoing work is needed, then information for it will also be included.

From here we can discuss the project and proposal further but once everything meets with your expectations and ours, the contract will be signed, and you will now have to provide us a deposit or setup fee. Once payment is received your project will get slotted into our work queue.

To see our process from this point on, you can find out more by reviewing our Web Design Process here.

Having Second Thoughts?

That’s okay it is big decision and you will have a lot of information to digest once you get our Proposal. Just let us know your thoughts and if you want to wait a bit to think things over that is perfectly understandable.

Indecision and anxiety are one of the main reasons why we created our Learning Academy. It contains a lot of helpful articles for businesses looking to make informed decisions to successfully navigate the online digital world.