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Introducing your local Kitchener Web Designer

Hi, I’m Tom

I have over 25 years of experience in designing websites and marketing businesses online. I’ve got the skills and experience to help your Kitchener based business thrive online.

My company eSilverStrike Consulting is focused on helping small to medium-sized service-based businesses in Kitchener and other surrounding areas achieve the goals of their website.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose a local Web Design business for your next website project.

Expertise in the Local Kitchener Market

Situated within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and in close proximity to Kitchener ensures the marketing strategies we develop will have a a deep understanding of the community and their preferences. This understanding is a key asset when it comes to developing websites that effectively target specific audiences. With this knowledge, we can strategically position your online presence ahead of your competitors where it truly matters, ensuring that your ideal audience discovers you first.

Tailored Local SEO

Being local experts gives means we can optimize websites for local search engine optimization (SEO) more effectively. We understand how to target keywords and strategies that are relevant to audiences in Kitchener, which will improve the website’s visibility in local search results.

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We Offer More than Web Design in Kitchener


Discover how a Website Project for a Kitchener based Business is Started

Reach out and briefly tell us about your business and project. We will then setup the inital FREE consultation call.

  1. Consultation

    This is the initial consultation and strategy session for the project. Here we will discover, discuss, and refine the scope of the project including what your business is all about, and what your goals are for your new/redesigned website. You can also ask us any questions you may have about eSilverStrike Consulting. By the end of the call we should be able to give you a broad estimated cost range for your investment. This call helps to see if both sides feel it is a good fit.

  2. Assess

    We will perform preliminary research and audit your existing online presence, business, industry, competitors, and target audiences. This is to help determine the best marketing strategies based on the goals of your website. Further information and discussions may be required to help refine the goals and scope of work for the project. On every project we consider (in order of importance) the needs of the businesses, the needs of your target audiences, and the needs of search engines.

  3. Partnership

    A proposal with a timeline, deliverables (including any required from you), and costs will be created based on your unique project needs. We will review this proposal together, and if needed it can be refined and tweaked. Once everyone is satisfied the proposal and master service agreement will be signed. When the deposit for the project is paid, it will then added to our queue of work.

  4. Project Kickoff

    The project has started! Client onboarding will commence gathering all other relevant information and media assets. The client also needs to make sure to give us appropriate access to any required 3rd party properties or services.

Once the project is started, it will move into our project design and build process path and onto in-depth research for the Discovery step.


What Makes Kitchener Unique?

Kitchener, Ontario was settled by Mennonite German farmers in 1807. It’s original name was Berlin but it was changed during World War 1 in 1916 to reflect anti-German sentiments during the war. Kitchener experienced significant industrial growth in the 19th and 20th centuries through manufacturing and the rise of industries like tanneries, furniture production, and textiles.

Kitchener is part of the Region of Waterloo, which is often referred to as Canada’s “Silicon Valley” due to its strong technology and innovation sector. The city has fostered a thriving tech community starting in the mid 20th century which continues to this day. It has produced numerous startups, multi-national corporations, educational and research institutions. They focus on fields such as software development, artificial intelligence, and robotics. Tech companies, including BlackBerry and OpenText make this region their home.

The University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University are located in Kitchener. These institutions have played a significant role in attracting talent and fostering innovation in the region.

Kitchener has evolved from its agricultural roots into a thriving, diverse, and innovative city. Its strong emphasis on technology and innovation, combined with a high quality of life and a supportive business environment, make it an attractive location for businesses in various sectors, particularly in the tech industry.

eSilverStrike Consulting is familiar with the tech industry and understands the people that make up the community of Kitchener. This makes us an excellent choice for small businesses that are looking to expand their online presence in and around this area.

Why choose eSilverStrike Consulting for your Kitchener website project?

We're working hard to build a reputation as the best web design agency in Kitchener. Here are 6 great reasons why you should choose eSilverStrike Consulting as your digital marketing partner.

  • We handle your project from start to finish.
  • Expertise in web design, including user experience (UX), user interface (UI), coding, and optimization.
  • Ongoing website management and marketing services available.
  • Focused on the goals of your website with our marketing first approach to design.
  • No user is left behind. Websites are designed with screen size and accessibility in mind.
  • Websites are performance and search engine optimized.
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